Reaching Out to the Public During a Coffee Fundraiser

Regardless of your fundraising technique, the most important quality any fundraising event may obtain is its ability to reach out and interact with the general public. The problem many fundraisers face is their offering products or services are often limited in terms of who is interested in them. However, this is not the case with coffee. In fact, over 60% of the American population enjoys a hot (or cold) cup of coffee each day. Because of its popularity and versatility, reaching out to the public while holding a coffee fundraiser is far easier than most other fundraising opportunities, as detailed here.

Go Where the Coffee Drinkers Are

Do you or someone you know work in an office environment? If so, schedule a meeting with the office manager. To bring information regarding your case and why you’re holding a fundraiser. Upon educating the manager regarding your cause, ask if it would be acceptable to sell coffee to office workers. This can be an extremely lucrative option, especially if your fundraiser utilized grab bags that feature a variety of coffee blends. Brochure selling can also be quite successful in this environment. Ask if it is possible to place a brochure in the break room. Therefore, interested parties may browse its offerings and place orders with you, or the designated worker.

Set Up Coffee Fundraising Booth at Events

Is your school holding a play or recital? Is there a large community festival happening in the near future? If so, contact event coordinators and discuss the possibility of establishing a fundraising booth at the event. The success of this venture is based upon the type of coffee you’re selling. For example, plays and recitals often benefit from selling grab bags or actual bags of coffee. Community festivals, such as flea markets or local carnivals, may also benefit most from selling physical bags of coffee.

Advertise in Coffee Shops

Does your local coffee shop feature a community bulletin board? If so, ask if you may post a flyer pointing patrons to your fundraising website. From here, you may direct visitors to the coffee company website, where they may enter a special coupon code given to you from the supplier. Once entered, customers receive their coffee directly from the company and you receive a check from the supplier. Of course, not every coffee shop will agree to this request as you could take business away from them. Regardless, make sure to clearly state the mission and purpose of the fundraising event. If it’s being held for a school or a children’s organization, most businesses are more than happy to accept fundraising flyers. Also, check local libraries and other establishments where community bulletin boards are found.