Intertwine Your Story With Your Coffee Fundraising Event

A coffee fundraising event from Driven Coffee is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your school or organization. However, when done correctly, a coffee fundraising event may be an excellent opportunity to disclose your story and purpose. This benefits your cause in several ways. The first, when potential donors truly understand your mission statement, history and purpose, they’re more likely to donate. Secondly, by adding a personal touch to your fundraising methods, you’ll gain the attention of donors who are truly committed to your cause. This is paramount to the long term success of a fundraiser. While there are many ways one can accomplish this goal, the most successful for the majority of coffee fundraising events is to simply intertwine your story throughout all fundraiser communications.

Don’t Simply Ask for Money, Engage via Stories

It’s no secret that the more a person is engaged with a specific cause, the more he is able to relate to the topic. Being able to relate is the secret to holding the attention of potential donors and persuading them to purchase coffee or a coffee grab bag. The art of fundraising is part salesmanship and part storyteller. However, when dealing with children or younger participants, there is an extra challenge.

The best way to handle this hurdle is to create flyers, brochures and a website that clearly showcases the personal side of your fundraising event. Why are you truly seeking to raise money? What will the money go toward? What will happen if the fundraising goal is not met? By answering these questions within your informational copy (both physical and digital), you’ll provide potential donors with the necessary information that doesn’t simply sound like an advertisement to gain money.

Include a Small Personal Story With Every Donation

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to retain the attention of donors is to include a personal “story” along with every purchase. For example, if you’re establishing a coffee fundraiser to raise money for your school’s performing arts department, include small stories about the history of the department. You may also include statistical information explaining the vital importance a performing arts department is in the school system. Always include contact information as well as a link to the fundraising website on all communications. By adding this additional touch to donations, donors will feel as if they are truly making a difference. This is key to establishing a long-term donor relationship.


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